Standard members


  1. Account registration,creating profile .
  2. Write in English your "self-introduction"part .The information of our website members is mainly for foreigners view.Upload your latest self-introduction video and the newest photos (9 photos and 1 short video).
  3. As soon as you complete your profile ,apply to participate in one of our activities .Activities managers and our foreign staff will review your profile and upgrade it to the appropriate type.After verifying the authenticity of the profile, the standard members are divided into four types: Chinese men,Chinese women ,foreign men and foreign women.Varify your upgraded profile ,so you can view the information of foreign members and participate in different events.
  4. Verifying the upgrade is completely free.

Personal customization

Personal customization

Personal customization is for smart ,professional and successful businessmen,who have no time to seek and choose potential candidates.

As a professional service team , we will simplify your life and help you to achieve the best results.

Our service starts with having a dialogue to determine whether our service is suitable for you.Our service may be not suitable for everyone ,as we represent not only some personal interaction ,but international ,highly customized and intensive work .We have the whole process of services to achieve the desired service level.

We will discuss with you all the details in order to make our service more effective.

Special note

The following steps take place in China at the present time.The customers only need to meet the foreigners.We will be responsible for all the travel expenses, a kind reception of foreigners and their studying in China before establishing the relationship.The final destination will be discussed with our customers separately.

Members background

  1. Regardless of occupation:scholar,artist,businessman,chief executive,industry leading professional,all our customers are very successful. They are policymakers,industry leaders,philanthropists with a good sense of ethics ,frequent business trips,etc.The majority of our customers have a good acquired property.
  2. We define a millionaire as a man with a net worth of seven digits (euros), most of our clients earn an average of six or seven $ per year.
  3. Our customers are usually between 35 and 60 years old. The majority of our customers have advanced degrees and are well known in there fields of work. 4.As a result of their professional nature ,all customers have the right to make their own decisions.

After support service

Free services

We work to establish your relationship with the foreiner. Once you establish the relationship ,you can be no longer involved in other activities.When you need such services as translation,coordination or any problem solving help our interpreters and other staff members will immediately help you for free.

Pay service

If you need our help in coordination at site ,that involves more human resources ,you need to pay for additional help.

Contact information


Instagram: fuhaiclub.




WhatsApp,Viber: +8618500614477,+79831603899.